Steering through the Unknown

Getting to know The Boat

01. What is The Boat?

The Boat is a group of seasoned experts coming from a wide range of industries. They are offering their unique expertise and networks to corporate and private clients from all over the globe. The Boat is working with an ever-changing set of external service providers to assist in regulated areas when needed.

02. What is The Boat doing?

The Boat is helping its clients steer around the international restless waters providing a structured path through the ever-changing landscapes of corporate and private regulations and executing upon it in its legal boundaries. The goal of The Boat is to provide their clients with the best possible outcome going forward and showing up continuous fields of improvement during and after the engagement has ended.

03. How can The Boat help me?

The Boat is working on recommendations by previous and current clients only and has yet to make an exception. However, there is always a first time for everything. If you think your case is complex and interesting enough for The Boat a good place to start is sending an email to (public PGP key available on request).